When performing remote troubleshooting of a network, traceroute is a great way to debug. Traceroute works by sending continous ICMP echo requests to an IP with increasing TTL. The routers along the way respond and send the latency along the path. Traceroute is a great way to follow the path your traffic is taking to reach a destinations.

To perform a trace route from a device, navigate to the Tools section.

Select the device and enter a destination value - IP Address or HOST.  

Click Trace Route to begin the test. The prompt below will include

  • Hop - How may layer 3 devices the traffic has passed though. 
  • Host - The IP address of the hop.
  • Count - The number of times this hop responds
  • Latency - The average round trip time for responses. Please note that this number will increase relative to the number of hops.