The following document guides the configuration of the Wireguard VPN Client on the PIAP Routers and Access Points.


1. User should have the Wireguard Server Endpoint and the Peer information from the Wireguard Server.


  1. Login to PCC dashboard

  2. Navigate to Configuration >> VPN Configuration

  3. Configure the following details:

    1. Connection Name:  Enter the name of the VPN connection 

    2. Enable: Make “Yes” to enable the VPN connection

    3. AP: Select the AP on which the VPN connection to be configured from the dropdown

    4. VPN: Select the VPN protocol “Wireguard”

    5. Tunnel Connection: Select “Always” from the dropdown

    6. Type: Check the “Client” radio button

    7. Interface

      1. Private Key: Input the Private Key as for the peer as generated on Wireguard Server. 

      2. Address: Enter the corresponding client IP of Private key configured on Wireguard Server

      3. MTU: Optional. In case the network MTU needs to be adjusted, enter the MTU value. 

      4. Pass-Through: To send the PIAP management traffic outside the VPN tunnel, please configure the following in the Passthrough:,,,,

    8. Peer

      1. Public Key: Enter the Wireguard Server public key 

      2. PSK: Optional. In case a PSK is configured on the Wireguard Server, enter the PSK value. 

      3. Allowed IPs: To allow all outbound IPv4 traffic to enter To only take specific network traffic over the VPN, enter the network IP range. 

      4. Endpoint IP: IP address of the Wireguard Server. 

      5. Endpoint Port: Port fo the Wireguard Server

  4. Click the “Create” or “Update VPN” button to save.