Before you set up the Wavespot dashboard, you are requested to activate the Wavespot box first. Once that is taken care of, let us move to the next stages.

  1. After activating the Wavespot box, the website should automatically redirect to your Wavespot dashboard. In case it doesn't, you can do so yourself.
  2. To be able to access details from the Facebook Fan page, your Facebook account needs to be connected with Wavespot. That can easily be done by clicking on the FB Connect button at the bottom left. It looks a bit like the image on the right of this paragraph.
  3. In the page that follows, double check the Facebook Fan page URL, and also specify the amount of time you patrons can get free Internet access for, at a stretch, once logging in with their Facebook ID. The default is 60 minutes.


  4. Now, to be able to connect your Facebook account with Wavespot, click on the Facebook icon under the heading Facebook Account.

  5.  Clicking on the Facebook button opens up a popup window. Review the permissions, and click on Allow.


    Remember: In case something goes wrong, you might see a window like this. Don't panic. All you need to do is click on the link Re-link or change your linked Facebook account and start over from Step 3. 

  6. Once you click on Allow, Wavespot lists all the fan pages that you administer.

  7.  To select the Fan page that you'd like your customer to 'like', to be able to access the Internet at your premises, just click the Set as Wavespot Fanpage link beside it.

Once all the above steps are complete, click on Save Changes and you shall be redirected to the dashboard. Now, don't get disheartened if the graph on the dashboard shows no data. It takes some time to collect the data and display it on the graph. Within a few days, the dashboard should start looking like this -