Before you connect the Twitter account with Wavespot, you are requested to activate the Wavespot box first. Once that is taken care of, let us move to the next stages.

  1. Log in to the Wavespot dashboard.
  2. Click on the Twitter Connect button at the bottom left.
  3. In the page that follows, click the Sign in with Twitter button under the heading Twitter Account

  4. Connect your Twitter account  by clicking on the Authorize App button.

  5. On successful authorization, you shall be redirected to a page where the dashboard shall show you some basic data about your Twitter profile. 


  6. At the bottom half of the page, you can configure the message that shall automatically be tweeted out when someone logs into Wavespot at your premises and starts using free Internet. For example, if a customer named Shayon just logs into your location named Coffee Bean Cafe, then the following setting shall send out an automatic tweet that says -

    Shayon has checked into Coffee Bean Cafe, and is currently online using Free Internet from #WavespotWiFi

  7. Click on Save Changes. This save your settings and direct you back to dashboard.