During the upgrade, devices must have constant power and internet access. A power off during the upgrade may damage your device irreparably. The upgrade takes between 15-20 minutes.

To configure your upgrade, Navigate to Configuration>Upgrade.

The fields on this page are:

  • How do you want to upgrade?    

    • Automatic chooses the latest firmware available. Manual allows you to select previous firmware versions.

  • AP / Network / AP Tags    

    • Here you select the individual, device, network, or tagged group of devices to upgrade.

  • When?

    • You can schedule a time to begin the upgrade process.

  • Do you want to Save previous uplink configuration?

    • The uplink refers to the WAN port and 4G settings. Selecting No will forget the settings. For firmwares older than, No must be selected.

Under the Upgrade list, you can view the historical information of devices upgraded previously. The table also includes the MAC ID, version upgraded to, date of upgrade, and status of upgrade.