The Pronto Inventory section is a simple place to view all hardware and its status. This section has additional details on the Firmware Version, Last HB date, Activate date, Channels, and Connected client on each channel. To view, Pronto hardware from across all networks can be viewed by going to Configuration>Inventory.

Note if you want to just look at hardware in a specific network, please navigate to Monitor > Network Devices.

Both the Inventory & Network Devices pages will list:

  • Device MAC ID

  • Assigned name

  • Firmware version

  • Last HB

  • Activation date

  • Network they are managed under, if any

Additional device details such as WAN configuration is available by selecting the blue highlighted MAC ID/assigned name.

This will direct the user to the specific device page. Details, such as the following, are available:

  • WAN IP address and status

  • Status

  • System Information

  • Memory Information

  • Throughput

  • Connected Clients

Historical throughput and clients is also available under Throughput. Select the grey bar next to Now, to select a date range to view.