Once you log in, you will be taken to the Monitor>Dashboard page. This is the launch off point for the PCC and you can select which network to monitor under Select Network dropdown.


(2a) Learning more about the Dashboard

Here you can get high level insight into your Pronto hardwares, their health (online/offline), downstream clients connected, bandwidth details and alerts. Additional analytics widgets include Network SSIDs that have been configured, top clients and Pronto hardware by usage.

(2b) Clients

To view all connected clients under a network, navigate to Monitor>Clients

Under this section  you can view:

  • total bandwidth being used

  • clients connected in real time as well as over a specified time period

  • Client MAC ID

  • Host Name

  • Device Type

  • AP connected to

  • Network connected to

  • signal strength

  • Bandwidth Usage

(2c) Network Devices

If you want to view devices for a current network, navigate to Monitor>Network devices. Here you can see:


  • device name/mac id

  • firmware and device type

  • last heartbeat

  • date of when the device was activated

  • band channel

  • clients connected to each band

(2D) Reports

To better understand the behavior of your network, you can create reports for the following categories over a specified time period:

  • Top 5 APs by Usage

  • Top 5 Clients by Usage

  • Usage per SSID

  • Number of connected Clients

  • Number of connected Clients per SSID

  • AP List

  • APs DownTime

(2E) Event Logging

‘Event Logging List’ contains a detailed list of the logging events based on live and historical data. The list can be filtered based on several parameters such as ‘Access Points’ and ‘Clients’. If a captive portal is enabled for either the WLAN or LAN, user device association, authentication, and dissociation will be recorded here.

To view the event log in real-time, navigate to Monitor>Event Logging

(2F) Notifications

You can view all alerts that have been triggered, here.  Alerts are set under Configuration>Alerts.

(2G) Tools

Basic network testing tools available are

  • Ping

  • traceroute

  • DNS routing

  • packet captures

To run the tools, navigate to Monitor>Tools