How to set up alerts

Alerts can be set to notify users when an event has occurred with their device.

For network uplink alerts, your device must be on firmware

1. You must also enable Logging, 

2. Go to Configuration, Logging, 

3. Name the log, and under the field Logging Type, select Event Logging.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the green button, Create Logging.  

Proceed to Configuration, Alerts to begin creating alerts.

1.Log in to

2.Before creating the alerts, a group of users should be created.  If not, the alert will only appear on PCC, for the PCC account holder.

3.From the left hand menu, select Organisation, Users.


4. Create users, assigning them the appropriate role.

5. All fields must be entered.

6. Select the green Create button

7. From the left hand menu, select Organisation, Notification Group

8. Name the group, and select the notification type you wish to receive (currently, only Email is available).

9. From Select Organisation Users,select the Users created under Organisation, Users, or under the field          External Email add any email recipient.

10. From the left hand menu, select Configuration, Alerts.

11. Name the alert.

12. Configure the email subject line.

13. Enter your alert message in Message.

14. To retrieve specific data,copy-paste the bracketed text along with the brackets, into the Message box.

15. Select the appropriate category for your ALERT.

16. Under Rules, from the left most drop down box, select the field you want to be alerted about, and from the         middle drop down box, the state of the field.

17. If the timer field is available,select the time to check the state of the field for, true, to send the alert.

18. Under Send Notification, select the previously create Notification Group.

19. When you are done, select the green button, Create Alert, to save your settings.


MAC ID of device is AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

This alert will check if the device has been down for at least 300 seconds.  If true, it sends the alert. The alert will appear under Monitor, Notifications, as well as the top right of the PCC, next to the bell symbol.

The message will be emailed to users under the Notification Group: admin alerts.

The settings above will send the email with the subject line


with the message: