Pronto Cloud Controller has inbuilt Captive Portal functionality, here when the Clients associates with captive portal enabled SSID, they are redirected to a web login page for authentication. 

The credentials provided by the client can be authenticated with local guest login (locally), internally or against external RADIUS server.  

The per client QoS can be configured to limit bandwidth to authenticated clients. Additional support for configuring Walled Garden sites(sites that can be accessed by clients before authentication) is also available. The garden site can be an IP address, network with netmask, individual host or a domain name. Host or domain names with dynamic IP’s are also supported. 

Refer to Dashboard > Radius Configuration > Enable Captive Portal > Enable Radius Authentication Server > Enable Policy (if required) > Enter MAC address List (for ACL policy if required) > Enter Splash Page URL > Enter Walled Garden website URL in .XXX.yyy format > Click on “Save”