The deployment site needs to have broadband internet connection.

Pronto Cloud Controller Compatible Access Point (Pronto Intelligent Access Point (PIAP)) at deployment location needs to be plugged into the network. PIAP is powered locally or via Power over Ethernet (PoE).  

PIAP is in plus and play mode. 

Once PIAP automatically connects to Pronto Cloud Controller, it downloads the configuration and sets up the network. In fact, PIAP when deployed at a location sends a periodic Heartbeat message to Pronto Cloud Controller communicating its health and monitoring data. The first time the deployed PIAP sends the heartbeat, Pronto Cloud Controller auto provisions the PIAP with the default configuration.  

SSID configuration is available at network level. One can customize the APs configuration, as the entire configuration associated with particular ‘Network’ can be applied to AP’s by adding the access points to that ‘Network’. The access points can be associated individually or in bulk. 

Pronto Cloud Controller includes network configuration, fault and performance management from the cloud.