The customer benefits are:

• User friendly interface via Intuitive web based Graphical User Interface. Single Dashboard view of your network options for quick visibility and easy control.

• Save on time and hassles with rapid field deployment of Pronto Intelligent Access Point (PIAP) with its auto-configuration and auto-provisioning features. The Access Point of     other vendors also works with Pronto Cloud Controller after firmware upgrade.

• Solution is extremely robust and is hosted on multiple servers with load balancing.

• The Amazon Cloud has multiple instances of Pronto Cloud Controller running at one time, proving quick response.  

• Achieve ROI improvement with our pay as you grow cloud Soft-As-A-Service. No need for an expensive on-site controller equipment, just keep adding Access Points in branch   offices, remote locations and Head Office with all back-end work easily managed from the Cloud. 

• Remain in control via SMS & Email alerts. Mobile / tablet responsive interface is perfect for viewing reports on any device. 

• Increase operation efficiency as Pronto Cloud Controller comes with free periodic feature and firmware upgrades.