The Unifi OneBox is a standalone appliance, designed to deliver all Wi-Fi service management, accounting, service monitoring, and reports and analytics to monetize a Wi-Fi network.

It connects Wi-Fi Access Point on one side to the Internet on the ISP connection. The property/campus should have an open Wi-Fi Access Point network connected to the Internet in place. As the OneBox is plug and play, initial installation and configuration of the OneBox into this existing Wi-Fi network can easily be handled by certified partner.

In addition, the Unifi OneBox comes with default integrations with property management systems (PMS), SMS gateways and online Payment Gateways to collect payment from users based on their credit cards. Administrators will be required to configure their specific Payment Gateway and SMS Gateway. These configuration details are covered in the configuration FAQ document.

For assistance with installation, remote phone / email support from Pronto Networks is available.