The primary use case for the Unifi OneBox is a small and medium enterprise with less than 500 concurrent active Wi-Fi internet users. For example, in the Hospitality sector, a Hotel guest connects to the Wi-Fi via the Hotel's SSID for Internet access. On his laptop screen, the Guest will see the Hotel's Guest Login Page. He enters the voucher details as provided by the front desk to get instant Internet access. If configured, the front desk may send him code via a SMS message. The OneBox connects into a hotel's existing Wi-Fi Access Point network, allowing the Hotel Wi-Fi Administrator to quickly start monetizing the Wi-Fi services. The primary tasks of Voucher Management, analyzing the Usage reports, etc. are all presented on a Graphical Dashboard removing the need to have extensive technical networking expertise.

The Hotel can start a OneBox deployment configured for just 25 concurrent active users. As the usage increases, the Hotel can easily upgrade the software licenses on the existing OneBox.